Giving back in support of Education

An interesting initiative begun in the 2014/15 academic year by the XIEHE Organisation is the ‘Future Teachers Project’.

The Project stipulates that the annual endowment made by the founder of the XIEHE Education Organisation to the East China Normal University is put to particular use.

Students of the university, preferably in their final year of study, are invited to apply to become part of the Project. The selection process entails: attending workshops; interviews; and the presentation of a speech. 

Each of the selected small group of students is then placed in one of the Organisation’s school for a period of practical experience. 

Following this, a handful of those students considered to be best suited to the teaching profession will be given the opportunity to travel abroad to gain further work experience.

It is intended that the Project should become an annual event and a chance for both students and the XIEHE Organisation to share expertise, learn from one another, offer opportunities and begin careers.