How much fun can you get from learning English? Lots of people might say that there is only pain in studying English. But we do not agree. 

To motivate students’ interest in English using, WUIS ESL department held a Pictionary competition for students of Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 last Thursday. The question “What is Pictionary?” is asked by everyone frequently. Here is the explanation, picture + dictionary = pictionary. Students work in teams to participate in the competition. Usually there are 2 teams working together. Each team has their best sketcher to draw the picture of the words given by the teacher. The rest team members try to guess the words as soon as possible. The team which gets the most words correctly becomes the winner. 

WUIS ESL department prepared the competition for 2 weeks and successfully attracted 12 teams to participate. Besides the 48 participants, there were more than 60 audiences watching the interesting competition, which lasted for 2.5 hours. After three rounds, Team Two Pieces of Grade 9 won the first prize award. The second prize award goes to Team Girls of Grade 6. Team Foodie of Grade 9 won the third prize. Everyone had great fun together and looked forward to the next competition.