Semester Cross Campus Professional Development Day

--International Education Conference

XIEHE Education Group’s semester cross campus professional development day took place on 26th March. Over 500 principals and teachers of our seven campuses attended. 5 Internal and invited keynote speakers made thought-provoking and inspiration speeches, and participants enjoyed a choice of over 55 workshops presented throughout the day. XIHEHE’s professional development day was a productive one, as always.



Introduction by Mason LEE: Link

5 Keynote Speeches

“Shanghai Wo Ai Ni”: the holistic authenticity of Film curricula -- Emanuel Benhiby

A reflection on the student film making experience.

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“Creativity is Everything”-- Sean Thompson

A lightning fast ride offering insights and leading to understanding of some of the most important issues surrounding education, creativity and innovations.

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“Innovation by Design”-- Wesley Prybylski

Innovation can take classrooms to deeper and new levels with creative design thinking.

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“Evidence from OECD TALIS 2013+, Junior Secondary Teachers in Shanghai”

--Zhu Xiaohu, Assistant Professor of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences

“Mapping of PYP and DP with China National Curriculum”

--Stella Jiang, IB Schools Development and Recognition Manager for China and Mongolia

Brief Look for 55 Workshops

Certificates to Workshop Leaders